We are an association officially called ASOCIACIÓN DE PARQUES AGRARIOS EDUCATIVOS, we work in Granada (Spain) and in Bydgoszcz (Poland). We are a non-profit association and we belong to the University of Granada. AGRITECTURA is our common name, we call ourselves this way to unify agricultural architectures.

Our main mission is all activity in a range of development and taking care about the natural environment .We work in two sectors, mainly permaculture with ecological urban gardens and bioconstruction or bioclimatic construction.

Our aim is to find a healthy habitat in natural environment. We try to overcome the incompatibility of the human habitat and the protected natural environment.

Among our partners there is a bioclimatic architect for the realization of educational projects, workshops and private projects. We created in 2010 ecological urban gardens (areas)with more than 100 families, associations and foundations.

The Leisure Gardens of the capital, located in full Vega Granada and a few meters from the city, they have become, since the beginning of the crisis, an alternative for the people of Granada who are overwhelmed by the daily rhythm of the city and are looking for alternatives that allow them to get rid of stress or boredom and help them, also, to enjoy contact with nature.

The idea of the leisure gardens was born in the head of Bernardo Sánchez, an architect from Granada who in the middle of the crisis decided to look for alternatives to develop his activity, very mistreated by the situation . This is how he found his Agritectura project: 11.000 square meters of land converted into 130 small ecological gardens.

The benefits provided by these urban gardens, the opportunity to eat natural and organic products, besides the possibility of breathing fresh air, when we spend most of our time indoors. But although the young people begin to arrive at the land, the great majority of tenants of these gardens are retired.

This incentive becomes even more important when the orchards, besides being a fun, they become a therapy tool to improve the lives of users.


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